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Preggiflections - Postpartum hair loss.

KERAHEALTH 360 Hair Health Plan.

A few months ago following the birth of my third baby girl, amid the sleepless nights and nursing sessions my hair started falling out in clumps. Now my first and obvious reaction was that I started to panic.

I had never experienced this postpartum hair loss with my other daughters so it was very scary and I was freaking out. I read up about this and found out that it was quite common, but more importantly I wanted to find out when the shedding would stop.

The bald spots along my hairline was so obvious that whenever I would take pictures I would wear headbands and strategically parted my hair to cover the bald spots along my hairline so it wouldn't look that bad. It eventually started growing back by month 6. The regrowth of fine baby hairs, similar to "baby bangs" started appearing. Not a good look especially when I was just getting used to my shiny locks which had grown so beautifully while I was pregnant.

While doing my research on why this hair loss happens I found that it's all due to the body enduring severe strain during child birth, that the breast feeding and lack of sleep.

What you need to do is ensure that your blood sugar, iron, ferritin, zinc and vitamin D levels are normal.

Next, do as much as you can to minimise stress (easier said than done when you caring for a small baby), eat a balanced and healthy diet filled with protein to aid in hair growth. I'm plantbased so that wasn't a problem for me, also washing your hair regularly. I sometimes thought that it was because I was washing my hair every third day that caused the hair loss, but then found out that it wasn't. I think that by me washing my hair that often actually saved me a few strands. The hair that fell did so because it was ready according to its hair cycle and then there was the lack of those crazy hormones that made everything grow fast.

Then just when I thought all hope was lost, I found out about this amazing Hair Health system that helped my hair texture and hair growth rejuvenation.

It’s called KeraHealth 360 Hair Health Plan.

Ive been using it for the past 3 weeks now and have already seen a major change in the texture of my hair.

The KeraHealth 360 Hair Health Plan has been named by Byrdie as THE BEST TOTAL HAIR SYSTEM! 

So of course I had to give it a try.

It has a 4 step formulation which consist of:


Follicle Hero Shampoo cleanses, nourishes, stimulates, revitalises and strengthens hair starting from the scalp through to the ends.


Follicle Hero Conditioner will nourish, strengthen, volumize and revitalise hair starting from the scalp and follicles through the hair shafts down to the ends.

The shampoo and conditioner improve hair texture from the first wash with clinical results at 3 months usage, showing 73% reduction in hair loss, 86% increase in hair volume, 86% increase in hair brightness, health and moisture and a 19% increase in hair protein content.


This clever hair tool is vital for the best hair health. Made using soft hypo-allergenic silicon teeth, the Energiser gives an incredible scalp massage to the head with numerous health benefits and increases the blood micro-circulation and oxygen supply, help remove dead skin cells, removes excess sebum from the scalp and  strengthen the roots.


The veg capsules contain Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) – essential metalloproteinase for the body's first defence, French Maritime Bark Extract - helps protect against free radicals, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Panthothenic, Zinc and Copper.

The total benefits of using the Kerahealth system I found is that it has helped inreducing my hair loss and has stimulated new hair growth. The enhanced shine & strength is unbelievable and because the nutraceuticals are rich in antioxidants it not only helps to strengthen the hair from root to tip, it also helps in brightening the skin and makes your nails stronger, which is a total bonus.

The Kerahealth hair care system is available online at and by using the coupon code ‘Rene10” (10% off at checkout only) its also available on Amazon (no coupon code for Amazon buyers unfortunately)

I hope that this product review will help other postpartum moms suffering from hair loss find their solution earlier than I did. This product has been amazing for my hair and I know it will be amazing for your hair to!


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