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Veggiflections - Food for thought. Part 2

Food for thought. (Part 2)

It was the morning of the 8th of June 2017.

My Dad, Mom and cousin Juliet went in to see the Doctor at Mellomed Mitchell's Plain. The meeting was set for 09h30am.

One hour went by, then two and we had still not heard anything back from them regards to what transpired in those Doctor's rooms. My sister and I both live in Johannesburg, so imagine the worry when Vikki eventually got through to my Mom and there were no words spoken just the sound of crying on the other side of the phone.

I decided to call the Doctor my self to find out what was going on. When I eventually got to speak with him, he explained that my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't know how aggressive all he said was that it did not look good and that he thinks there isn't much time left for my Dad.

I was unbelievably calm after hearing what this Doctor had just told me, he was just a General Surgeon and not an Oncologist. I said a prayer before I called my Dad, he answered and sounded okay-ish on the phone. They had no idea I already knew what was going on. He was calm when I explained and passed the phone to my Mom, she had calmed down by then but insisted that my sister and I come back home immediately to discuss the way forward, there were even words like, "we need to get our affairs in order in case anything happens to Daddy".

My sister and I immediately made arrangements to travel back home.

The Oncologist meeting...

A young Doctor as described by my Dad, had diagnosed him with stage 4 colon cancer which had spread to the liver and was very serious. The Doctor explained to my Dad the procedure of what was meant to happen next if he wanted to get well. Of course the first things mentioned was radiation and chemotherapy. My Dad then asked if there was anything he needed to change in his diet and the Doctor said no there is nothing to change and that he should just stay away from spicy foods?

The 12 radiation treatments were booked almost as soon as the medical aid approved it.

The social media announcement...

The 9th June 2017 I decided as the eldest daughter to send out a prayer request to all our family and friends to make them aware of what had happened with my Dad.

The well wishes, thoughts and prayers flooded in. My inbox was full of messages from people I have never met, people telling me about how they dealt with being in a similar situation with a friend or family member and recommendations of good Oncologists. There were so many people telling me what they used as cures, what works, this product and that product and that they will give me a discount or good deal if I bought products from them, I went dizzy and couldn't deal with how serious it all got.

The awakening...

There was one particular comment that grabbed my eye, someone mentioned something about the food we eat and that Oncologists don't study nutrition as part of their course study and therefore don't know any better than to prescribe the first thing that have been taught, which is to operate, radiation and chemotherapy. She advised that I watch a documentary called "What the health" and I did.

I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing in this documentary. The truth was finally revealed about what chemotherapy does to the body, it showed how all pharmaceutical companies are built on greed and how we have been brainwashed to believe that processed foods we grew up on and all the meat we eat is good for us.

That video was a game changer and eye opener and I'm glad I watched it. Something this life changing had to be shared, so I did.

They got blocked...

We shared it with a few of our friends privately and they felt the same way after watching the documentary. I posted the link up on my social media pages and got message replies saying that they couldn't open the link. Found that very strange and had to check it out for myself. It was gone! Something about copyright? What a load of BS, they were told to take it off because they were telling the truth about how people can be cured of all diseases.

A few hours later another link surfaced, the same documentary just uploaded by someone else who obviously downloaded and saved it, that too was taken down and blocked. I think I must have changed the link about five times as they kept getting blocked.

The questions here is why are they blocking these people for telling the truth? Who are the forces behind the blocking of this content?

Healing sessions...

We needed strength to deal with this situation. I had already attended three healing sessions for balance, awareness and enlightenment and my sister attended a spiritual healing session. We had no idea on the what and how we were going to do when we arrived back home. Was my Dad going to look different, was he going to look ill and did not know where his mind was at? Vikki and I did so much research on the right foods to eat and because of the documentary we knew more or less what we needed to do to kick start this healing process.

The flight back home...

This was the first time in my forty years on this earth that I travelled with my sister alone, it was our first flight together and honestly I don't ever remember us bonding the way we did on that two hour flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

She told me everything she learned at her healing session, we compared notes and had our plan of action sorted. We knew that we had to change my Dads mind set, we had to get him to smoke less and eventually quit, he needed to start exercising, we had to get the food right and we needed a blender. Our minds were ready, we were ready.

The flight landed just after 9pm that evening and a friend collected us from the airport. I remember making a joke on the way back to our parents house about all the things we had in our bags, you would swear we were both witch doctors on a trip and about to cure the whole world of disease with the amounts of insence, apricot kernels, vibuti, meditation music, medication, sage and himalayan pink salt you name it we had it packed in.

As we arrived back home, we were greeted with the biggest hugs. I don't ever remember being hugged by my Dad like that ever, it was special.

That very night a friend came to visit, she brought a friend along who was in full remission after his prostate cancer. He sat down next to my dad and shared his story about how he dealt with it, and that he contributed all his healing to the miracle cannabis oil which he used religiously from the day he was diagnosed. That guy cleared his cancer within three months! His story gave us all goosebumps, his story gave us hope.

The next morning...

We were ready to rock and roll, went veggie shopping and came back home with three massive boxes full of greens and all the colours of the fruit rainbow.

Vikki emptied all the grocery cupboards and threw out all the processed crap, and we started fresh.

The first few days were the hardest for all of us, we had never just eaten green raw foods just like that. There was no more sugar, no more white rice, basically no more of the nice stuff which we grew up on. The sweet jars were emptied and replaced with almonds and apricot kernels and the fruit bowl over flowed, my Mom's kitchen had been transformed into a nature health pharmacy. We made a list of what not to eat, what to eat, what to juice and how many times a day my Dad should be eating and stuck the massive list up on the fridge. Everyday was different, but we were determined to get this right for my Dad. We just needed 21 days for it to become a habit, thats all.

The beach...

That week we went for a walk on the beach, just a few kilometres. lovely fresh air, my Dad didn't even make it half way and we had to turn around because he got tired.

This was something we needed to work on, how were we going to get my Dad's fitness levels up if he couldn't even walk for longer than 20min without getting tired.

The week ended , and it was time for my sister and I to go back to Johannesburg, it was probably one of the hardest goodbyes, we were so worried that my Dad would just give up on his plant based diet. Im not going to lie, it is very boring just eating green stuff all day, but I think he got it, he understood that this was the only way he was going to heal. He promised that he was going to give it his best shot and Mom was right there next to him and promised that she would make sure he sticks to the diet.

The radiation treatments...

(to be continued)

Please share this post with your friends, feel free to comment below and if you feel this story resonates with you or something that you have been through, sign up to my blog and all future stories and part 3 will be emailed directly to you.

Love and light always!



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