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Veggiflections - Food for thought. Part 1

Food for thought. (Part 1)

I never really thought about it but what I recently discovered blew me away!

Now for those who have been following this new chapter in my life, will know that my Dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. This was a big shock to my entire being, we never had this affect our immediate family - it was the first, and even though I knew many things about this disease, I had no idea how it would change the way we looked at life and our health after the diagnoses.

A little story...

In 2015, I met Sally.

She was a breast cancer warrior.

I had the opportunity to work with a cancer organisation and decided that instead of raising heaps of cash I would assist in changing this woman's life.

Got a well-known and world renowned plastic surgeon on board and managed to secure the most beautiful gift anyone could receive as a woman, especially after a mastectomy, her womanhood. An event was held, speeches were made and the press captured every minute of the precious gift as it was handed over. The operation date was set, and we were ready to go.

I say we because I made a promise to myself and Sally that I would be there every step of the way, I would be right next to her and I was.

With a successful operation behind us, all I could think of was how happy she looked. I would attend all the post-op treatments, bandage changes and watched her body heal.

it was around Christmas time and Sally and her family decided to go away for a few days, her body hadn't healed completely yet and was rushed back to the hospital as she had contracted an infection on her wound. We were shocked even further when we found out that she was diagnosed with diabetes! This meant that her healing process would take even longer than we originally anticipated.

One day at a time...

The Doctors visits continued and after which felt like an entire year, Sally finally healed.

Through all this she remained positive and a true warrior. Shortly after we thought that the dust had settled, I was alerted to the fact that Sally had a hernia. I kept asking myself why would God let this woman go through this, it was one thing after the other, in and out of the Doctors rooms and to top it off back in to theatre for another operation.

It gets worse...

My phone beeps, and it was almost as if I knew there was bad news coming. The message read, " I am crying all the time. I found out two weeks ago, well Dr says I have six months to live, its breast, bone and brain."

I went numb after reading that, didn't know what to say or how to respond. Everything happened really quickly after that. Sally was rushed into emergency surgery again and had a second mastectomy. When I visited her at the hospital I remembered asking her why they did it so quickly, she said the Doctor told her that he didn't want to take any chances and that she would die if the operation didn't take place when it did.

Sally was released and soon after started radiation and chemotherapy for her brain and bone cancer. When I visited her at home I couldn't believe it was the same Sally. A very frail, weak person laying on her couch and all her hair was gone. I had no idea how to deal with the situation, all I did was give her a big hug, we both cried and I think it was because we were both in disbelief of the situation. Heartbroken and in tears I remembered hearing about a pharmacist who had created a DNA reconstructor and he had dozens of case studies that proved his product to cure and shrink cancer tumours, I called him up immediately. We had him on speaker as I explained Sally's bone and brain cancer, very politely he told us that we should get her on medication asap, as the chemotherapy had killed off all that was good in her body and that she needed to get some healthy cell development again.

Desperate times comes with desperate measures...

We were ready to do anything right now. I placed the order and it took a little longer to arrive than I expected. Sally was back in the hospital again: her body had deteriorated so badly that she was fed by drip. I prayed and patiently waited for the parcel to arrive, called Jacque (Sally's husband) and gave him the good news. That very afternoon I drove to his work, handed over the parcel and promised to visit Sally in hospital the next week. Everything seemed fine and Sally's Doctor said she would be released soon.

The news...

The 26th of April 2017 was like any other normal day, promised myself that I would go visit Sally. All I could think about was Sally, I remember falling asleep that night and dreamt of how happy she was when she was handed the very special gift at my fundraiser.

The next morning, I woke up to the saddest news that Sally had lost her battle and was called home. My heart felt shattered, and up until today I can't explain what it felt like. There were no tears and I couldn't understand why. I remained still, said a prayer for her and her family and waited for further news on the burial.

The day arrived...

Sally's funeral was a special occasion, a celebration of the amazing woman and warrior I got to know. She fought the battle to the very end.

And as I was sitting in the hall listening to all the lovely stories of Sally's life, I kept thinking God put this woman in my life for a reason. I felt something roll down my cheek, it was the first time shed a tear and I immediately wiped it away. I wasn't meant to cry, I was happy that she was relieved from the pain, suffering and that she was safe where she was. There would be no more operations, no more radiation or chemotherapy and no more pain. She was happy and I was happy for her, so I refused to allow myself to cry.

The moment arrived and they carried Sally's coffin back to the herse and I realised that I hadn't said goodbye to my friend yet. I walked towards the box in which she rested, closed my eyes and said, " goodbye my friend, I will miss you.." and as I said those words my body started jerking violently and the tears wouldn't stop rolling down my face.

There is a reason why God gave me those two years with Sally...

The reason was made clear to me on the 7th June 2017. A very special day for my Dad as he celebrated his 64th birthday and the following day my husband was to launch "TESTED" the book.

I called my Dad that day to wish him and asked how he was going to celebrate his special birthday, he wasnt sounding happy.

A few days prior he had visited the Doctor as he woke up with marble sized lump on his chest. It was surgically removed and sent in for a biopsy. The results came back and my Dad was called in for further tests. It was on the day of his birthday that he received the most disturbing text message which read, " Good day Mr. T ROBERTS, Please be advised that your appointment is scheduled for Thursday 08/06/17 @09h30am, Mellomed Mitchell's Plain. Please bring along two family members? Regards, DR.. "

The reason was ever clearer as I just then realised that I was being prepared all along for what was about to be the real TEST and testament to see if I was listening all this time.


A very special Doctor opened up his heart to Sally.. Dr. Ridwan Mia, I am forever grateful to you.

To Sally, I know you are happy.. thank you for the feathers, I see them all the time.

My Dad being diagnosed has led me to learning new things about nutrition and how we should start taking care of our bodies.

Why am I sharing this with you? I felt it was time, this story has to be told..

Watch it unfold even more as I share my transformation from a heavy meat eater to pure Plant Based only.

See you soon!

Love and Light always,



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