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Veggiflections - Food for thought. Part 5

Food for thought. Part 5

WARNING: The pictures in this blog might be disturbing for people with photo sensitive epilepsy.

The waiting game...

We were waiting for my Dad to heal once and for all. This however was not the case, instead of him healing he continued to deteriorate. Day by day he was getting more and more demotivated, it was just one thing after the next and the mood was becoming more sombre by the minute. Now after my last trip to see my Dad, my girls went on school holiday and we had planned a trip to London for 6 weeks, this is a very long time to be away from or close to home, so you can imagine where my mind was for most of those 6 weeks.

I would check in regularly to our family WhatsApp group to see if everything was okay, but the responses just became less frequent.

My sister Vikki went to visit for a week, and the mood changed. The family visitors flooded in and whenever someone was over to visit, my Dad seemed to light up. My sister would call me every day with updates on the new holistic Doctor she got on board, and the new natural medicines that her and my Mom were now giving my Dad.

Then she sent me a picture of my Dad with one of his ex-work colleagues, he was smiling and looked happy, but the man I saw on that picture had no resemblance to the man I left behind after my last trip to Cape Town. The man on the picture was skeletal like, I had to look twice before I realised that that was my Daddy. My heart sunk to the deepest level of WTF, I just could not believe it and could not understand how this could have happened so quickly.

I immediately called my mom and asked what was going on, both her and my sister said that my Dad was severely dehydrated and that his blood pressure was very low. Dehydrated?! Well of course he was dehydrated. He looked like someone had drained all the life out of him, a bit like watching a balloon deflate rapidly.

Now when you draining fluid out of the human body, aren’t you meant to rehydrate it at the same time? This would be the right thing to do, right? I would find out later that when he was in hospital for the draining of the ascites fluid in his stomach they never really gave him proper hydration drips, they claimed that he was hydrated enough and that his blood pressure was normal enough to be sent home. I’m sure I mentioned several times how much I hate hospitals, well this was the last straw for me. I insisted on finding out what was in those intravenous drips that was given to my Dad during the last draining session. All I got from them was that it was some pain medication, something for the nausea mixed with the hydration fluid. And you know what, I’m not even going to blame the administers of those drips, they were just following protocol and were taking instructions based on what they have learnt at medical school.

Custard and jelly...

So, after telling the Doctor that he has taken the natural holistic route and that he was not going ahead with chemotherapy, everything changed. It would take days for my Dad to get hold of his so-called Doctor who had just coined so much money from the medical aid after all his visits and radiation treatments plus the in and out /stay overs at hospital, and he could not even phone my Dad back? I’m not even joking but when I saw what that Doctor made I was shocked. Promises of phone calls and new appointments never came, it was like my Dad no longer served him. I’m telling you when I heard this all I thought was, what comes around goes around buddy! My sister called me and said that she had taken my Dad to see a holistic practitioner whom my Dad after their meeting said she was quite an attractive lady (the joker who hasn’t lost his sense of humour) let’s just call her HP for now, has a proven track record of helping cancer patients through holistic methods and treatment, and we thought that she couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time than now. My Dad’s “doctor wasn’t responding and HP would check in every day with my Dad. I will update you on HP as time goes on.

So, at the last draining session I called my Dad. Confused and dazed from the pain meds coming through the drip I asked if he had eaten anything that day, he answered as if he was speaking in tongues, said something to the effect of, “no I didn’t, I don’t know what to eat here, they don’t know what to give me, I told them I’m plant based and they were confused.” (What about a freakin salad was unclear here?) He rambled on and said they sent him the hospital nutritionist who told him he could have custard and jelly, and that it was fine as they gave this to all their other cancer patients?? The way my blood boiled when I could decipher what I could make out of what my dad was telling me. Again, I did not get angry at what that nutrition lady told my Dad, but custard and jelly what in the hell was she thinking, did she not know that custard and jelly is sugar and that cancer feeds off sugar, how could she not know that? (wish I was there to educate her on her very big mistake) My Dad came home more dehydrated than ever and it was even more obvious this time round. He had lost so much weight and not the same. The WhatsApp calls were not being answered, the phone would just ring and when I did get through on chat the answers were all one worded.

The night my sister was meant to leave back to Johannesburg, she sent me a message to let me know that my Daddy had to go back to hospital because of bad stomach cramps, it turned out the shunt (pipe which drains the ascites fluid from the stomach) was blocked again. So there we go again, another two days in that hospital. August 2017, I’m telling you, if I never see you ever again I’ll be the happiest person alive.

The dehydration rapidly took over and I decided to google a natural homeopathic rehydration formula for my Dad. I’ve shared it here in case any of you should ever need it.

The arrival call…

So, after being on a flight for 11 hours back to Johannesburg the first call was to my parents. They answered my WhatsApp call and I could see my Dad. My mom asked when I was coming to Cape Town and that she needed my help. I explained that it was Omala (my youngest daughters) 13th birthday and that I would book my ticket for the very next day. My Dad started crying and said its to long for him to wait to see me. I have never seen my Dad cry in my entire life, seeing him cry ripped me to pieces. I called in every day just to make sure that everything was okay until I arrived back home.

Arriving back home that day and not knowing what to expect scared the living daylights out of me. Walked into a bunch of people who were visiting, some people I knew from before and others I met for the first time and in the corner, was my Dad.. skin on bone and unrecognisable having a chat with his ex-work colleagues and people he knew from Robben Island. I just could not believe that this was the same man I left behind a mere 7 weeks prior.

The side effects…

Watching my Dad throw up was nothing but a normal thing now, he was constantly nauseas, he had dry mouth, he couldn’t hold his food down, constipated, his feet were swollen, (now I know where my sister got her toes from) he could stand up for longer than 5 minutes at a time and had severe insomnia, all drastic changes which happened and got worse after every single trip to the hospital.

Desperate to keep all the natural remedies from HP handy and accessible for my Dad, I stumbled upon a cupboard full of medication which was sent home with my Dad every time he would leave the hospital. There were loads of white plastic pill packets filled with tablets and I remembered asking my Mom what they were for. My mom herself couldn’t remember, all she said was that the Doctor prescribed it for nausea and for pain.

The was one white box with the name “Tramacet” and all it said was take two tablets four times a day when necessary after food. Necessary for what, and what was it for? No leaflet, nothing?

Google! Check this out, you are not going to believe what I found out. The very medicine prescribed for my Dad is what caused his rapid deterioration. Instead of healing and helping my Daddy, they were poisoning him further.

My blood pressure, you have no idea. Every single side effect mentioned my Dad got.

Gen-payne another evil medication sent home, this again with so many side effects. Mad as hell I took all those tablets and threw them in the dustbin. That was that and enough was enough!


I remember going to the fridge as I’d normally do whenever I got back home, but this time I wasn’t looking for a coke, (not that I ever like coke) I was looking to see what I could put together for lunch, there wasn’t much to work with but I somehow made it work. As I was digging in the fridge I noticed the bottom drawer had loads of onions, I asked my mom why all these onions? I’m telling you there were like 12 onions and only 3 potatoes. But as the days went on, I would later find out what the reason behind the onions and why there were so many. Every night I would play binaural beats healing meditation for my Dad before bed time, I would also do healing on him and say a silent prayer before he nodded off. And that night something very strange happened, I have never ever experienced something of the sort. I saw a half onion next to my Dad’s bed and I could even smell it, yes smell it! My Dad was fast asleep by then, and as I was about to leave his room I heard someone whisper in my ear and it sounded like Ha-ha- siah. I looked back at the place I saw the onion and of course it wasn’t there. I had to know what the onion was there for and why I could see and smell it and what was ha-ha-siah. Google! I needed to google this word. You will never believe me but this is what came up.

Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine

Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine is the 51st name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name is: “The glory of the Lord shall endure forever: the Lord shall rejoice in his works”. Firstly, the meaning of the name Hahasiah is God The Impenetrable Secret (Dues Secretus Impenetrabilis). Also, he is one of the Elohims (Jewish) and Principalities (Christian).

Hahasiah is the bearer of the Universal Remedies. He offers infinite goodness and unconditional service. Therefore, he allows you the capacity to understand and to heal through understanding. Pray for his guidance to detect and identify illnesses and their causes. Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine is the patron of high science. So, he allows you the essential truth you need to discover the laws of the universe. And to understand them. Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine can teach you esoteric knowledge from Kabbalah to metaphysics and others. So he can help you to become a wise person with an elevated soul.

Pray for the protection of Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine when you meet people who use medicine only to make profit. He can remedy those who abuse the good faith and naivety of others. He can protect you from manipulators, illusions and those who seek power. Hahasiah is the helper of victims of fraud.

Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine is the guardian angel of those who were born between December 03 and December 07. In conclusion, those who were born in this period will be deeply interested in sciences. They are creative and live their life in harmony. They love to study and to understand the world that surrounds them. Those who were born under the influence of Hahasiah Angel of Universal Medicine will become spiritual masters. And also experts in esoteric knowledge. Therefore, they will gain enough knowledge to be able to teach others. Also, they love nature and everything connected to it from plants to animals. They love arts and fine details in paintings and music. These people will become their own priest in the road of finding the truth of God.

The internet link:

And guess what? My birthday is the 3rd December!

I immediately went to the fridge and cut an onion in half and put it next to my Dad’s bed, on the exact place I had seen it in the vision. I used the other half and put that next to my bed, because Google said its good for hypertension, of cause I was having hypertension, someone then whispered in my ear and there was no one else in the room besides my Dad and I, my blood pressure was sky high!

The Doctors call…

We needed to get my Dad on hydration drips, he needed a home nurse to sort out this pipe/shunt that was stuck in his stomach that kept getting blocked. HP agreed that, that would be a very good idea. It was a Thursday morning when I decided to give the medical aid a call to find out whether we could have a home nurse for my Dad, that shunt needed cleaning and he was in desperate need of hydration. The medical aid person said he doesn’t see any issue with the request, all we needed to do was get a letter from my Dad’s Doctor, a motivation letter of some sort. Thursday, Friday and all the way to Tuesday and the Doctor did not call us back. I called in every day and the receptionist would just say he isn’t in today, or he is busy and that she would get him to call us back. When I said enough is enough I meant it, so I called this man on his mobile. I wasn’t expecting him to answer but he did. Wish this conversation was recorded, really wish it was. I asked him why he did not respond to his patients request for a home nurse to clean the pipe and hydration drips, I asked him if patients were treated differently if they would agree to his chemotherapy treatments, I asked him all the questions I could possibly think of, until I could feel his annoyance on the other side. When I told him that I threw out all the medication he prescribed, I could feel the gasket slowly exploding on the other side, he then told me if we wanted to do all these hydration drips then maybe you should look at the hospice?! The HOSPICE?? You only send people to the hospice to die, and my Daddy was not going to die anytime soon. I lost it! No compassion, nothing. He eventually agreed to send the motivation letter to the medical aid and said that he would CC my Dad in the email. I’ve got my dates in order, we will see how long he takes to get this done. Actually, I’m praying that he gets this done soon. Just to set the record straight, I’m not mad at this Doctor, he just follows protocol and does exactly what he was taught to do, so basically, no love lost here.

That smile…

(to be continued)

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Love and Light always



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