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Veggiflections - Food for thought. Part 3

Food for thought. (Part 3)

The radiation treatments...

Full of energy and happy my Dad attended his first session.

They drew a map on his body with black marker pens, just to outline where the radiation was meant to be targeted. Scary when I saw how they outlined and marked him.

My sister and I were already back in Johannesburg by this time, so all we could do was call in to see how it went. Nothing changed, he said he didn't feel anything really, came home that day and everything was normal. Day 2 and 3 went well to, but Day 4 apparently didn't go so well. My Dad had severe nauseous and lost his appetite completely. Now according to his Oncologist this was supposed to be normal for patients undergoing radiology treatments. Some days would be good and others just terrible. Now what got to me was why was this treatment that was meant to be helping my Dad heal (according to his Doctor) make him feel ill and lose his appetite, I kept thinking did my Dad get forced into something that he didn't even have enough time to comprehend because the medical aid approved the treatment and the fact that he believed in what his Doctor told him was the best solution for his cancer? Umm.

Mid-term break...

My girls were on their school mid-term break and I thought it would be good for them to go visit their grandparents in Cape Town.

They were aware that their Pa was diagnosed with cancer, but did not fully understand what that meant. Was their Pa dying or was their Pa going to live?. My eldest daughter Shanti knew what happened with my friend Sally, but I reassured her that we were on the right path with Pa, and that we had done lots of research on how to help him live a longer and healthier life through the food that his new diet consisted of.

Shanti knew how much I loved Sally and she saw how it affected me after the passing. My parents were so happy to see the girls, it would be the first time my Dad would get to spend quality time with them as he never really had the opportunity to do so in the past. My Dad is a Marine Engineer, a hard worker, has always been. His work commitment kept him on sea, he was always on full standby at beck and call and at the mercy of the people who depended on him on the ship.

Day 6-9 went well, we were eating the right food all organic healthy and only plant based, the juices were green and not that great tasting, but we knew why we were doing it, believed in the process, confident that we were on the right track and that it would work.

The beach...

On Day 10 we decided that as soon as my Dad arrived back home after his session, that we would take a walk on the beach. We decided on the same beach my sister and I took my Dad previously, the same one where he couldn't walk for longer than 20min.

I couldn't believe what had happened, my Dad walked for almost one hour, slow paced but he did it. My heart was overwhelmed with joy and all I could say was Thank you Jesus for making this possible. Was it the fresh air, the visit, being around his grand daughters or was it the food that gave him the energy to complete the full walk from Muizenburg to St. James and back?

One of the greatest moments is realising that two weeks ago your body couldn't do what it just did today.

Back to school...

My girls had to get back to school, their examinations would start the next week and we had to make sure that they were ready and fully prepared.

There were only two more radiation sessions to go, and only one of those days were bad.

Dad then had to go meet with the Oncologist to discuss what the next step towards his healing process would consist of. My sister and I prayed heavily before that meeting in hoping that my Dad would understand and make the right decision to not go through with the chemotherapy, that he would have realised that the food we had been feeding him had already started the healing process and that he did not need to put any further poison into his body to heal.

We knew that our prayers would be answered, just didn't know if it was going to be good news or bad. That day God saw our hearts and whispered in my Dad's ear and told him to listen to his daughters. The phone rang, it was my Mom, " Daddy told the Oncologist that he was not going to do the chemotherapy."

Honestly, as my Mom said those words I started crying and I mean full on tears of joy. My Dad got it, he knew that we were trying to help, we were trying to heal his body naturally through God's given and natural pharmacy, he got it!

Now our work was cut out for us, our Dad's life and survival was in our and God's hands.

WhatsApp police...

My sister and I made it our mission to post recipe ideas for the day/week on our family group and insisted on seeing pictures of every single meal that was consumed in my Mom's kitchen.

The crazy thing about social media is that I was now receiving more information about healthy ways of eating, I was being added onto different healthy eating FaceBook pages and being sent so much information about cancer that my mind felt like it was about to explode.

A friend sent me a link to a doc-series by a man called Ty Bollinger. This guy had travelled the world to find out about the truth about cancer and documented it. He interviewed Doctors and healing methods from all the corners of the earth and was ready to share this information with anyone who signed up to the free series, I had nothing to lose by signing up and so I did.

9 Episodes...

As soon as the links arrived in my inbox I shared it on our family WhatsApp group, the information was outstanding, well researched and I learnt so much. Another life changing experience, life altering with each episode. I just had to share it on social media, why not share if I felt so strongly about the stuff I was hearing on this docu-series.

One thing that stood out while watching it was when a patient asked his Oncologist if he would go through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer, or if one of his immediate family members had cancer, what do you think they answered? Crazy how easy it is to prescribe these very poisonous "remedies" to the patient, but when asked if they would personally do it the story changes completely.

Did I share too much? They found me...

The digital ink didn't even settle on my Facebook post about "The truth about cancer" when suddenly my messenger inbox overflowed with messages from a very suspicious account.

This was not my friend, it seemed a fake account as I couldn't trace the name or even see their profile on any social media or even on google, nothing came up?

I was basically warned about Ty Bollinger as being a fake, they kept asking my opinion on this and that and asking if I knew that he was the owner of a product that was being promoted on his docu-series. It went on and on for days until I decided that I had had enough, it was time to shut them down. I told this fake account holder that I was not interested in his findings on Ty Bollinger and that what I've learnt from the documentaries had changed my life and that it would possibly help save my Dads. The messages stopped coming in.

Now who were these people, and why were they targeting people who wanted to share the truth?

And as with everything that has taken place in my life this year, I decided to pay them no more attention and carried on in my truth. My husband so clearly mentions in one of his quotes that when you speak the truth you don't have to remember anything and I didn't, I spoke mine.

It was because of my Dad that I could gain all the knowledge I have today about this disease, it is because of my Dad that I want to help as many as I can with this disease and it is because of my Dad that I want to change so many things that has brainwashed us as humans, inhumanely.

The Test...

(to be continued)

Please share this post with your friends, feel free to comment below and if you feel that this story resonates with you or something you have been through, sign up to my blog and all future stories will be emailed directly to your email.

Love and Light always



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