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The proof is in the pudding right?

Being introduced to a new skin care range is always daunting especially if you so are so used to a specific brand. Well a few months ago I was offered the Brand Ambassadorship to a brand new skin care range from the Perfect 10 group South Africa called SkinDerm SA and thought, let me give it a go. The packaging looked young fresh, funky, simple but classy at the same time and I started using the very generous amount of products I was gifted.

So the thing with me is that I'm very cautious of immediately endorsing anything if I don't know for sure that it works, because that will be lying right?

Started cleansing, toning and moisturising everyday, used the Retinol serum once a week and the most amazing Exfoliating GLO pads which wipes away all your dead skin cells in a simple wipe ( my favourite product in the range by the way).

Didn't even reach the 3 month probation period as people already started complimenting me on my fresh glow and all this within the first month of using the SkinDerm range. I'm not even joking, but this product has really changed the feel and tone of my skin.The extensive range caters for every skin type and comes highly recommended. A multi award winning skin care range with acclamations from magazines like Woman&Home and Marie Claire magazines.

Need to quickly share my experience at the Perfect 10 Woodmead branch the other day. So I go in for my monthly mani, pedi and facial. Booked in for two and a half hours and from the minute I walked in to the studio to the candles and the gentle hands, explaining every single step of the SkinDerm facial and peel to the hugs as I left, all I can say is WOW what an experience!

We as women are always on the go, multitasking, running businesses, households and need a spoil every now and again. My best advice is to go and relieve the stress of daily life by treating yourself to a Skinderm facial at any of the Perfect 10 studios countrywide. (South Africa). Its just something that you got to do..

Follow SkinDerm on FaceBook @Skindermlivingskin

Range available at all Perfect10 studios countrywide.

Check out this video of my experience at the Perfect 10 Mall Of Africa.

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